-Make sure that the is fitted parallel to the chainline.
This allows the chain to run through the guide tube with the least possible friction.

-If the gap between your chainstay and the right hand crank arm is narrow fit the further back.
This helps to prevent any unwanted collisions.

-Only fit the DIRECTLY to the chainstay.
Fitting the over a chainstay protector can lead to it slipping and jamming with the cranks.

-If the slips because of the shape of the chainstay fit a piece of rubber
(e.g. a piece of inner tube) under the zip-ties.

-After fitting you must check the chain length and rear derailleur position! Shift into the
big/big gear combination and let the air out of the rear shock/remove the spring from a coil shock.
Carefully fully compress the rear suspension. The cage of the rear derailleur must not contact
the swingarm and should still be able to rotate forward/up. If the chain is too short you
must increase chain length by adding links! Otherwise there is a risk that the can be
permanently damaged if the suspension fully compresses when using such gear combinationserwrqewr


The eco can be fitted to chainstays with or without underside gear cables.
The upper moulding is dimensioned so that the eco can be fixed over the
outer gear cable.

Step 1: Fix the eco with the supplied zip ties to the underside of the chainstay.

Note. 1: If the shape of the chainstay prevents a flush and secure fitting you can use a
thin piece of rubber material (e..g. a piece of old inner tube) to prevent it from slipping.

Note. 2: If the eco is fitted over a welded on cable stop please use the supplied,
ribbed spacer half tube as shown in the sketch. This ensures that the eco fits
flush over the cable stop braze-on.

NOTES ON POSITIONING: In most cases the ideal position is level with the rim
(please see general tips)